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Monday, November 15th, 2021 11:36 PM

Issues with Doorbell Pro blowing after install

I ordered a doorbell pro to replace a ring. Upon installing it the mechanical chime rang constantly. I removed it and tried to see if USB power would work. USB power did not work. I put in a ticket with support and they said it was likely a bad doorbell. I mentioned that we are new in this house and I don't have 100% faith in the wiring, is there any chance it could have blown it. They said no. Got an RMA on the doorbell.  

Second doorbell arrives. Instead of plugging it right in I try USB power first. Works like a charm. I put it on the power outside. Chime rings constantly. Take it off, put it back onto USB power. Doorbell is now dead. I called Simplisafe and said I was going to have an electrician come out but I wanted a new one beforehand so we could work on it with the electrician here. Tech said he didn't understand how USB power works on the doorbell and refused to send out a new one until electrician tested my wiring. I told him just RMA the whole thing I was tired with it.  

I'm getting about 17 VAC on the wires. What else could be wrong?

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3 years ago

Get thee a chime connector:


It fixes all manner of squirrely doorbell pro related problems. Not saying it will definitely fix the issue you're describing but it's worth a shot and it's an easy troubleshooting step. (You just need to know where your transformer is since that's where it's installed.)
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