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Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 4:20 PM

Indoor Camera movement monitoring and recording will not go off

I've had my system for years with no issues.  In this last several months, even when my alarm is off, or set to "Home" the blue light still is on and it records my movements.  I feel like I'm being stalked in my own house. :-)  All 3 cameras tied to my system do this.   It does not happen all the time, but more and more frequently.  I've got Motion sensing set for on in my app, and I want to have the motion sensing should something happen, but not when the system is off or set to home.  Waiting a few minutes does not work, it just stays on.  Help would be greatly appreciate. 

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1 year ago

Hi @wilsonloria ,

This is very unusual. The correct behavior is still that your SimpliCams should be responding to the shutter setting. That is, if you have the shutter set to closed in Off or Home, then the motion sensor should be inactive.

However, there should still be a recording whenever the system is disarmed. Could that be what you're seeing? That is, when you disarm your system to switch from Away to Home, or from any mode to Off? Though you also mention that it stays on for a while longer than the standard ~20 seconds for disarms.

One small detail to note is that the blue light really means that the camera is sending data to the service - not necessarily that a recording or a livestream is in progress. So it could just be that.

And another piece to keep in mind is that the camera feed is encrypted in transit and at rest, meaning that nobody can access your cameras without your username and password. So it might be a good precaution to change your password, just in case!

And finally, I would suggest trying a reset for at least one of your cameras, to clear out any possible software issues. You can do that by pressing the button on the top for 16 seconds. When you release, the camera will reboot (yellow light), before going into setup mode (blinking white). You can then set it up through the SimpliSafe app like new.

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