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Sunday, August 12th, 2018 4:19 AM

I'm still waiting on that doorbell camera...

I'm really tired of waiting.   We've heard very little from Simplisafe, except "getting close to production," but I thought it was supposed to be out earlier?

I'd really like a doorbell that integrates with my security system, but I'm starting to look at other products to fulfill my needs.   Many burglars knock or ring the doorbell to see if someone is home before attempting a break in.  Having a doorbell that I could answer remotely is exactly what I need.  I have the interactive membership, so I should be able to reply/view on my phone.    I really hope there's a 2-way audio (which was a fail in the camera which lacks this), or else I probably will purchase a competitor's.

6 years ago

I understand your frustration.  SimpliSafe takes way too long to bring products to market.  I remember us all getting frustrated with their promises of a camera for years.  And then, as you mention, it was kind of a fail due to lack of two way communication.  I wonder if this could be changed in the future with a software update.  I can't think of a reason why the microphone can't be used as a cheap speaker.

I'm looking to upgrade to SS3 and hopefully get the doorbell as well.  But yea, it doesn't exist yet today.  This is why I am looking at Nest.  The problem with Nest is that they are new and I disagree with some of their design decisions.  But maybe that will work for them.  Ring is kind of a joke.  The only thing it has going for it is a cheap monthly plan.  Other than that it's very dated looking and has a crappy camera for the doorbell (at least how I've seen it).  So I feel a little stuck with SS at the moment.  Not a bad kind of stuck but an unsatisfied stuck.

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Personally, I wish companies would start working together and allowing integration.  They're hurting the consumers due to their desire to want a bigger piece of the pie.   Smart homes are the thing now and until all companies can give a customer everything they want (which won't happen), they should allow these devices a secure and safe way to work together.   Wouldn't it be great if I could hook my Wyze cam up to SimpliSafe?   Those cameras are just as good or superior at a fraction of the cost!  Alexa works with them so why can't she work with SimpliSafe?
It would also be great if smart locks and other video doorbells could be linked to a SS system with a QR code.  Things like this will not happen anytime soon due to corporate greed and feuding between the giant tech companies and the consumer is losing.

6 years ago

What advantages would integration provide?

I have a SimpliSafe system that is working well, a Ring doorbell, a outdoor security camera linked to a Synology NAS (ie - no cloud storage fees), and a Nexx garage door alert system, each with their own app on my phone.  Each system will alert my phone with events I need.  I suppose fewer apps would reduce the clutter on my phone screen, but I've got all security related apps grouped together, so that's not much of an advantage that I can see.

The SimpliSafe system costs me $10/month, Ring costs $30/year, Synology and Nexx have no annual fees.

How would integration benefit me?

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Complete integration isn't THAT important.  Besides, there is no guarantee at this point that the mythical SimpliSafe doorbell will meet your specific needs anyway.  I believe if you find a product that DOES meet your needs at a price you are willing to pay, that you buy it.  What is really needed, isn't the same set of products from every vendor, but an easy to use integration tool that can coordinate and control the various systems.

{Golly! if only Alexa or Google Assistant could do that sort of thing!}

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I don't know your specific needs, but I can speak for myself in that if I have the Simplisafe interactive, I don't have to pay the additional fee for the Ring doorbell.  You could save yourself 30 bucks a year if you were able to just use the SS monitoring for your doorbell.   Also, I use Wyze Cams to supplement my home security network, since the cams from SS are like 100 bucks.  Having all of this stuff on one app would be good, and that way you don't have to flip through different apps during an emergency.  So, if you get an alarm, you can be on the SS app and just flip through all your cameras from there.

Also, Amazon, Apple, and Google don't play nicely with each other.  If you like the features of Echo, but you want a thermostat that isn't offered by Amazon, but you like the Google thermostat, well, Alexa isn't going to talk to it for you.   Google also cut Echo Show off of connecting to YouTube directly over this little spat they had with each other.  

Lack of integration hurts because if you get one system, you're stuck with getting peripherals for that system.  If you want a new system, you have to revamp everything.   I wasn't just talking about security systems.  Although, if you have some stuff left over from ADT, you can't integrate that with SS and you'll have to buy new entry sensors.   It's really a cost thing.  You have to buy new stuff for every single system you want to switch to.     Sometimes, it's necessary if it's a security concern, but if the things all used the same signal and could hook up to the same network, it would really add up.    Imagine being able to have all the stuff in your house from different companies all work together with the same app.   Being able to fully monitor, secure, view, and control your home from a single home base and pay one fee a month.    

That's what I hope to see one day.  Integration makes things simpler, and, in the long run, prevents you from having to run out and buy the same peripherals from the same company.   I didn't say it's possible, it's just that I hope that it might happen.



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6 years ago

@bob.russell2468, for you, none, or very little. For others, a lot. I have a SS3 motion detector in my garage and can pick up cars or people walking by on the side walk when the door is open, so, in my particular situation, don't want or need a separate garage door device or app.  And my simplicams integrate quite nicely into one overall, single security solution. In this instance my position would be camera integration a great thing...for me and many others. And for others, not so much.

Yes, I have an Ecobee 4 thermostat. Would love for it to be integrated via my Echo into my SS3, but, so far, doesn't look like it will happen.  And then there is that doorbell.  No Ring products for me, I want all of my cameras integrated with SS.

Door locks? Thanks but no thanks, very happy with my Schlage.  Personal preference for all.  Yay.

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6 years ago

I have no interest in a complete Smarthome run by SS or anyone else for that matter.  Oh there are a few smart conveniences I'd like to have, like a smart doorbell, and some external cameras, and maybe one of those robotic vacuum cleaners, and maybe a robotic lawn mower.  Since I work from home, I don't even think a smart thermostat would save me any significant money.  As far as light switches and changing the TV channel, I'm good I think.  If I don't vacuum or mow, I'll need to do SOMETHING for exercise!

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6 years ago

And today Ring announces a suite of home security products in direct competition with SS...

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6 years ago

I agree, it would be very nice if a representative of SimpliSafe would give us all an update on when the new products will be available!

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6 years ago

I watched the CEO from Simplisafe on Youtube from 7 months ago and he demoed the doorbell and showed the outdoor cameras.  I have been using Arlo cameras for the outside but would love to get the SS doorbell and outdoor cameras.  Any idea when these will be for sale?
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