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Sunday, December 12th, 2021 2:38 PM

I would love for the live feed to display longer

I would love to be able to view the live feed for my cameras simultaneously without the page timing out. Or even have the option to display it longer.

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2 years ago


There isn't really a set timer for live viewing. It's more dependent on the strength of your cameras' connection - when it starts to waver a bit (e.g. due to signal interference), the livestream may be interrupted.

That being said, the Live View feature is really meant for checking on your home in the moment, and not so much for surveillance. So they can't stay on indefinitely.

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Well I just bought a system and I am learning that I can’t have my camera streaming on anything the whole day without it constantly kicking me off????? I like being able to see who is at the door without waiting for it to load on my phone. I feel this is an issue that might keep me from using SimpliSafe cameras. I have a cheap system already and it streams continuously without issue. The video is 1080p. So why with this camera that cost way more do I not have this option. I can’t even buy a screen for the system that would wake up when motion is detected or view constantly. I can’t record constantly. I can’t put a memory card in the camera so it records on its own. These are simple features that I should have the option to use. I think I’ll keep my other cameras. I just want it to be all the same system but it doesn’t seem it’s possible with any company to have these capabilities and security system. 

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@Sig7sog7​ Our cameras and their live view functionality are designed to enhance the SimpliSafe security system. The cameras were created to respond to specific motion events, so at this time they aren't able to do more continuous surveillance functions.



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2 years ago

So they can't stay on indefinitely.

There's no reason that a camera plugged into an regular AC power source (so SimpliCam or Outdoor Camera - I understand the Doorbell using low voltage wiring can't really do this) shouldn't be able to display for hours on end. I regularly stream for hours and hours on multiple Wyze Cam 3's I use to monitor my growing 3D Printer farm and they work without issue.

Please add this to the suggestion list. Some of us want to keep our cameras up all the time and our WiFi/internet is more than sufficient for that to be possible.

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