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Thursday, June 9th, 2022 12:35 PM


I found a solution that is not easily available and very frustrating

If u have a camera that will not connect no matter how many times u try and u know it’s not your Wi-Fi but while trying to connect it keeps saying come back later. If this was a previously installed camera that your trying to install again due to issues such as a complete restart to try and fix issues try this.

I stead of exiting the install double click out of the app or close the setting without exiting the reopen the app if the camera shows up as a camera but then when u click on it it automatically shuts off saying camera is off line and u try to reinstall again and still will not install try this. I had a real hard problem with my door bell camera.

my Wi-Fi was great but my camera when deleted off my device was not deleted inside the camera itself so it was connected but also trying to connect again and I was about to hit it with a hammer. Take it completely off the front door which u have to do anyway to install and when u try to reinstall it and it says unable to try again later leave it in your device.

take that camera next to your base station the go back into your device and go right next to your base station and uninstall that camera. Mine would not uninstall any other way for some reason u should hear the camera click then it will clear off your screen yet again.

then try reinstalling again I tried for days and days with no luck but this was my problem and I was able to reinstall and now it works and again I have lightning fast internet.

obviously someone might want to clean this up and I am sure u already know this but this needs to be on your web site someone where so we can troubleshoot as it has to be a common issue only reason I was able to figure it out was I bought a used camera and it was still connected to a base station and would turn blue but not connect. Then I figured out by taking it back to the seller who disconnected all the devices and it worked.

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