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Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 6:24 PM

I can't get the doorbell camera to work!!!

I can not get my doorbell camera to work. I have a manual doorbell that plays a multiple chime on my front door. When I hook up the camera the doorbell rings nonstop and makes a buzzing sound. I called Simplisafe customer service, explained my problem. They suggested a chime connector even tough I have read those only work with a digital doorbell. I got it in hooked it up and now nothing. The door bell will not ring or light up or connect to my wi-fi. They sent me a new doorbell camera to try but it is doing the same thing.  I'm at a loss. I really want to use it. I received it for free with a promotion they had going but now it's useless.  Help!!!

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5 years ago

ahaddock1. Sounds like when you turn on whatever breaker the doorbell transformer is connected to you have a closed circuit. Was there a doorbell before? How old is the chime unit?

I just recently installed a completely new hardwired setup, ss3 video doorbell and a cheap manual chime to a 16v transformer with no issues.

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5 years ago

Sounds like you may have a bad transformer, some bad wiring, a bad chime unit, or a loose connection.

Prior to installing my SS doorbell, the old door bell (and address light) did not work due to the transformer going bad.

I purchased a $20.00 doorbell kit from the local Ace Hardware store.  It was about $8.00 more that buying the transformer alone, put the old chime units cover was a bit discolored, so I figured I would probably replace it too.

Installed new transformer, and then the SS unit.  Everything worked pretty well, only got half a ding and heard a little humming at the chime unit.  I went ahead and replaced the chime unit.  No hum and  full ding-dong.

So my point is, there can be issues in multiple places.  Sometimes it is worth the time to upgrade all the equipment

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4 years ago

Simplisafe Video Doorbell was one of the Worst Purchases I have Ever MADE
Over all I like how my Simplisafe system works.They're doorbell camera on the other hand is a real piece of trash, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I purchased one of their doorbells a  a couple of weeks ago and the video was stellar but the audio was absolutely deplorable. I talked to Customer Service and told them it was a piece of garbage, and the offered to send me a new one and it was actually worse than the first one they had sent me. I then contacted T.S. naturally from the outset it wasn't their equipments fault they did their very best to blame my internet connection and I explained to them NO i have a great internet connection. After spending 45 minutes on the phone uninstalling,hard resetting and reinstalling the door bell things got no better. Again the whole time T.S. was making excuses about how I didn't have the proper band width to support the device. I am now in the process of returning them both for a refund and will be shopping for something that actually does what it claims to do. SO MY ADVICE TO ANYONE LOOKING TO PURCHASE ONE OF THE VIDEO DOOR BELLS IS DON'T DO IT YOU WILL ONLY BE TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 years ago

You might try bridging two1 watt 22 ohm resistors wired in parallel across the front door terminal and common terminal of the doorbell. This is the same as one 11 Ohm 2 watt resistor. The value of resistors is not too critical. They allow enough current to bypass the doorbell to keep the camera powered and shunts most of the voltage from the chime when the button is not pressed.
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