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Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 1:52 PM

How much data do the doorbells and cameras take up in a month

I need to know what internet service package I need to use this stuff.  Is 1 gig enough in a month to have the doorbell and or camera?
How much data are you guys going thru

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Our cameras will record only when triggered. They do both have built-in Motion Sensors, and can be triggered from system events (like disarms, arms, and of course, alarms). The Video Doorbell Can trigger a recording on button press too, if the Motion Sensor is disabled.

Different events will have different recording times, and the amount of data would also depend on the quality of the video, which you can configure in the settings.
For example, the longest event would be for a full alarm event, which records for a whole 5 minutes. With the default quality (720p), that recording would typically be ~30MB.

You'd need to have several full alarms every single day for a month to reach a gigabyte!

Johnny M.
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