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Friday, January 3rd, 2020 8:12 PM

How many Cameras...

I have the older system.  

Will we be able to use more than 4 cameras at a time?

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4 years ago

Allegedly the current version of the App and online dashboard will handle 10 cameras, and they are "free" with the $25 a month monitoring plan

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Are you saying the cameras are free with the interactive service? Where is that stated?

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4 years ago

Cabers have one time charge.  seven is saying free monitoring of up to 10 cameras with $25 a month monitoring plan.

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4 years ago

The cameras are not free, but there is no monthly charge for up to 10 cameras if you have the top monitoring plan.

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4 years ago

C'mon, guys, make it simple. lol.  

If user has standard monitoring plan (14.99/mo) + one camera (4.99 subscription charge/month) = 19.99/month total.

If user adds a second camera, that's an automatic upgrade to the interactive monitoring plan* (24.99/month total) which can support up to 10 cameras at no additional charge.

*Cameras purchased separately.
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