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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 7:16 PM

How do I access camera history?

How do I access the camera history if it hasn't been in the timeline recently?


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1 year ago

@TLAR Whether you are in the timeline or not, it should still be showing every time one of your cameras were activetly streaming.  In the phone app, just swipe right to get to the timeline, or, on the web shashboard, after you log in click on timeline.  There is also a handy shortcut that you can jump to the date you are looking for. Sitll have questions? Call support and they will walk you through it.

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@captain11​ thanks for the info. Your comment about the active stream made me revisit that section in the phone app. Launched the live stream for the camera I wanted, and at the bottom under the microphone, next to the horizontal ellipse, noticed the timer icon? Thats what I was looking for, brings up the camera history!

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