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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 9:00 PM

HD camera won't connect to system

Has anyone had the problem i'm having???

When trying to install the hd camera, it keeps saying that I am putting in the wrong password. (BTW I am putting in the correct password). I have tried two different cameras with no success. Simplisafe is sending out a third camera for me to try. I don't know why it keeps rejecting my password??? I have worked with three different customer service reps, and they can't explain why I can't connect the camera to the system.


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4 years ago

Hi @preinja,

If you have an All-New SimpliSafe system, are you able to get that connected to Wifi? If so, we should be able to get your cameras connected as well. The first thing I would recommend checking is that the Wifi network you are attempting to connect your SimpliSafe Cameras to is a 2.4GHz Wifi network. While the All-New SimpliSafe system will connect without issues to a dual-band network, the cameras may have problems doing so. The next thing I would check is the Wifi name and the password. Because the camera uses a QR code to receive that information, it may not be receiving it properly due to certain special characters. If either the Wifi name or the password has special characters in it I would recommend removing those to see if that gets the cameras to connect.

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Yes, the rest of the system is connected to a 2.4GHz wifi network. Base station, keypad, entry sensors, et all connected without problems. The camera was trying to connect to the same 2.4GHz network also.

The password does have special characters. I'll change the password and see if that works.

BTW, what do you consider "special characters"? Anything other than numbers and letters, or is it more specific characters?

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4 years ago

^  not sure if there's more, but don't use the following:

[ ; ]
[ \ ]
[ " ]

Also, last I heard, SSID's no longer than 13 and PW no longer than 32 numbers/letters/characters.
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