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Saturday, April 13th, 2024 10:00 PM

Fraudulent company

Bad system. Bad customer service.

they will hang up on you if a supervisor is requested. Talked to 5 people today but they could not help me with my system.

do not waist your money or risk your family safety. Use another company.



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1 month ago

And on the other hand, customer since April 2012, have used two generation of systems, and being a former ADT customer so I know a fraudlent company when I see one, Simplisafe is not one of them.  Errors? Gaffes with customer service? Support? Sure, occasionally, but I have personally recommend and placed over 30 systems and if something is wrong, I hear about it. At this time, all quiet on the western front.  For my vote, Simplisafe is the best overall value and effective solution in the home secuirty market. Period. And, for the record, my family and I sleep quite soundly at night.

@shahzadi_v, I don't know what SS did or didn't do to you, but suggest you call SS and ask for a supervisor. I have in the past and had no issues with that request.  If you do provide more information, possibly I, or someone in the forums, can assist.


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1 month ago

Hi @shahzadi_v, 

I'm very sorry to hear about this experience. If you let us know what issue you are experiencing and the troubleshooting steps you have already taken, we can help troubleshoot your system here in the Community. I can also get you in touch with a member of our Specialist team if you would prefer as well.

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