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Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 1:51 AM

Floodlight Camera

SimpliSafe does not offer a Floodlight Camera, correct? Why not? I need driveway coverage.

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4 years ago

They don't offer any outdoor camera, and when/if they do,  it almost certainly won't have a floodlight.  And if they decide to make one of those, it will be at least 5 years away.

Better would be a separate system..  I just got a Night Owl system which includes a floodlight in each camera.  Previously, I had regular cameras and a solar charged motion sensing floodlight.

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4 years ago

I agree with 7.  As an alarm system an outdoor camera wouldn't add much value.  You would never want your alarm system setting off because a tree blew in the wind, a cat walked by, or a bug landed on it.  It would be unreliable as an alarm system.  For self monitoring they are great though.  The only thing a simplisafe branded camera would offer is having it all in the same app.  But big deal.  Just get an outdoor system like 7 did and call it a day.

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4 years ago

Same as seven, we have the exact same camera system nightowl and have no problems with them.

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4 years ago

A security system has historically been a reactive ONLY solution, but over time, the need for proactive systems has greatly risen. No one wants to trigger an alarm off an outdoor camera if a tree falls, but wouldn't you want to be made aware of someone approaching your home late at night, specifically if you're not home at the time? This is a very logical ask and frankly if SimpliSafe is not even entertaining this feature in the near future, I anticipate loss of market share and/or new business.

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4 years ago

I have Arlo Pro 3 cameras.  I'd recommend staying away from the Arlo line of cameras.  When it works, it works well.  The fact that I use the phrase "when it works" should be everything anyone needs to know about it.

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4 years ago

Floodlight with Camera...   It would great if SimpiSafe would offer a floodlight with security camera like Ring. It would also be great if it is solar powered. The SimpliSafe concept and service has been great but some key products are missing and needed as soon as possible.

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3 years ago


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1 year ago

Can you please develop a floodlight camera?

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Hi @cubanism20​, 

Thank you for this idea! It has been passed along to our dev team for consideration.

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Are there any updates on the floodlight camera release date???? I’m seriously thinking about switching to other solution as this is a dealbreaker for me and thousand of other customers but apparently SS don’t care….4 years request and no feedback….amazingly frustrating…

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