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Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 3:18 PM

Final verdict... is the Simplisafe camera compatable with Google WiFi?

I've read conflicting info.  I need a new router and looking at Google WiFi.  Will the camera connect, or not?  Thanks in advance!

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6 years ago

Wheres the conflicting info?  A router is a router, they all have to conform to certain standards.  The SS camera requires 2.4ghz and will not run on 5gig, but otherwise it should work with any router.

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6 years ago


Google WiFi is a mesh network. While we haven't tested to see if this will work, by principle, it should!

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it does not work and several calls to SS got me no where.... sad to say after 12 years of SS. 

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@scottcarmona​ I can offer the opposite experience with my own personal system, which runs on a Nest WiFi Pro mesh. If you haven't already tried, I would recommend setting up the following:

  • Disable WPA3 for better compatibility
  • Set up a Guest Network, and connect only your SimpliSafe components to it

If you're still having trouble, it would help to get more details about what you've already tried, and exactly where you're getting stuck (e.g. are you seeing error messages?). That can help us figure out the next step.

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Thank you for this tip, just got Google Fiber, very happy but cameras having issues not present before, did not know why.  I will set up guest network and see if the improves the situation.

Simplisafe you need to get ahead of the curve, should not have to dumb down system/appliances to use your product.  Design for the future, you can do it!!!

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6 years ago

I have mine running on Google Wifi without an issue.

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5 years ago

Their doorbell camera is definitely not compatible.

I have a mesh network with Orbi, three indoor cameras and a doorbell camera. A 1 gigabit connection, without connectivity issues. The only way to get Simplisafe's doorbell camera to work with a mesh network is to split the network's signal into separate 2.4 and 5 ghz bands. Most mesh networks provide a single 2.4/5 ghz band, and Simplisafe cameras WILL NOT connect to that.

With Orbi there are ways to split the band into two separate SSIDs. If you do this, the regular Simplisafe cameras will connect to the 2.4 band, but the doorbell sensor will only connect after you try reconnecting it 4 or 5 times, then it will pretend to stay connected but have all sorts of connectivity issues thereafter: it will only rarely let you view the feed on the app, and it will only save recordings 50% of the time. My timeline stopped saving videos for an entire month, and then after going thru Simplisafe support for 4 separate service calls, they were unable to help. They had me replace the camera, they tested my connection speed multiple times, they sent me a wifi extender (which doesn't work). In the end, I asked them to refund the doorbell sensor, and they refused--instead, I had to negotiate with a supervisor to get them to comp my subscription for 6 months, which is = to the value of the doorbell sensor. To me this means their 3-year warranty is an empty promise.

Do not buy Simplisafe cameras, or at least avoid the doorbell camera. The company isn't interested in keeping them up to date with modern wifi networks. While you might get the indoor cameras to work on a mesh network, the doorbell camera will not.

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5 years ago

3 indoor cameras and a doorbell camera and all connect just fine with google routers. I have two google routers making up my mesh.  

all the cameras connected fine and no drops.  all come back online after power outages.

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5 years ago

I have a Moca (coax) mesh network, several google home mini's and my camera and whole Simplisafe system works just fine!!



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5 years ago

I have SS3 and Google WIFI, works fine. Also have 3 Simplicams on the network, and the video doorbell, and all are working fine with no issue, so, sorry alakhest, don't agree, yes, recommend you by the Simplicams. BTW, if you don't like them, return them for full refund within 60 days of order. Steps:

1. Call SS support
2. Provide safeword
3. Get RMA email with return shipping label
4. Get credit about a week later


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2 years ago

It’s my understanding that Google mesh  Internet operates on both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels. Unlike some routers, google mesh does not let you advertise the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels as separate Wi-Fi networks. Therefore if your camera is trying to connect to the Google mesh router and for some reason the Google mesh router decides to use the 5 GHz channel which you cannot control to my knowledge, it will not work. If on the other hand the router chooses to use the 2.4 channel camera will connect just fine. My issue is that after a power outage or other restart the camera and the router may not agree on the correct channel

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TP Link Deco is the same way. You may be onto something with your last sentence.

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9 months ago

I installed a google ac1200 mesh router setup with 3 nodes.  I put the simplisafe devices on the guest network as suggested in one of the posts.  In order to achieve more than fair connectivity my child nodes had to be a wired backhaul.  Hope this helps the next person working on making their system run more efficiently.  Also linksys velop didn't work even with a dedicated 2.4ghz ssid.  It might have been bad hardware as one of the nodes in that system would not accept the password after reset.  But I took it all back and went with google instead.  The $199 eero setup doesn't have eithernet ports on the child nodes so wired backhaul was not a possibility.  That one also is going back to the store.  

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