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Monday, October 3rd, 2022 6:30 PM

Doorbell will not connect

​I attempted to install my Simplisafe doorbell last week.  After it was installed the light would turn yellow for 8 seconds then no light for approximately 16 seconds.  This patter would repeat over and over.  When the light was yellow if I pushed the button it would sometimes ring the doorbell and sometims just ding and other make an odd sound.  ​

​I contacted simplisafe and after multiple attempts to trouble shoot they send new doorbell.  I installed new doorbell and same issues.​

​Anybody else have this.  ​

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6 months ago

Hi @cjdockendorf ,

Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble. Sounds like there's an issue with the doorbell circuit, and the camera is unable to boot up properly. If it was successful, you should see the yellow, followed by a blinking white - indicating that it's ready for setup.

The first question we should ask before we go any further: Do you know if you have a digital doorbell? Unfortunately, the Video Doorbell Pro is compatible only with analog/mechanical doorbells.

But if you do have an analog/mechanical doorbell, we might need a Chime Connector, which is used to supply the correct power to the camera unit. Our Support team at 800-548-9508 can help with that too.

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