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Saturday, June 6th, 2020 5:40 PM

Doorbell WiFi Strength never better than Moderate (-60db)

I have tried several locations for recommended Wifi-extender (TP-Link AC750).  Last location for extender is about 10feet from the doorbell ... with direct line to wireless router.  Has anyone ever gotten a 'Strong' signal?  Want to try a different/strong extender, but suspect it won't do any good.

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4 years ago

I too am experiencing this issue. I even put one of my Orbi Mesh Satellites right next to the doorbell and never saw signal greater than moderate. This is resulting in the doorbell camera video stream intermittently not being available when someone rings the doorbell or timing out while we're watching the stream.

When I use my 2.4Ghz signal testing software I'm reading -50db right at the doorbell so I'm not sure why the doorbell thinks it's signal is -61Db to -65Db. That's quite the delta.

Any chance we'll see a new version of the Video Doorbell Pro that uses wifi6 with better wifi performance?

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4 years ago

I too have been experiencing the same thing. I recently installed a WiFi mesh network, and my doorbell keeps losing WiFi and only gets to moderate strength. Before this, I didn't have any issues really. Are you using a mesh system with WiFi6?
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