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Monday, March 22nd, 2021 1:18 AM

DoorBell Pro Question

My Doorbell Pro is working but am not getting notifications on my timeline.   In fact had a package delivered today and never got a notification. Looked on the timeline nothing there.   I checked all the notifications in settings all are on... The doorbell rings and just tried it my husband went out and I did get notification on my phone but NOTHING in the timeline.. Any suggestions on what is going on?

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3 years ago

Hi @cgmcguire13_1,

It sounds as though you are checking the timeline through the SimpliSafe app. Since you should be able to see all of the events listed there, let's try to narrow down where the issue is. If you log into your account through SimpliSafe.com on a computer, are you able to see the events on your timeline there? Is your husband able to see the events in the timeline through the SimpliSafe app on his phone? If you let us know if either of those methods allows you to see your notifications we should be able to figure out why you aren't seeing those on your phone.

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3 years ago

Two of my SS Doorbell cameras turns black in the night vision mode when it's in auto.

I have tested them with different power supplies and do the same thing.

Does someone know what is happening ???
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