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Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 4:34 PM

Doorbell Pro Installation problems

I'm having some issues with my doorbell pro. I had an electrician come in and install the wiring for the doorbell circuit as my house previously only had a wireless doorbell. The transformer, chime, and doorbell bracket were installed by the electrician. Prior to installing the doorbell pro, I charged it up using the micro-USB on the back as was suggested to avoid a delay in charging from the lower power at the doorbell bracket. I was even able to set up the doorbell when connected to the micro-USB and confirm it functioned using the mobile app. The doorbell button lit up blue as it should, I could watch live video from the doorbell, and I could use the app to talk through the doorbell. My issues started when I tried installing the doorbell pro to the bracket where it should live outside.

When I tried to put the doorbell on the bracket, it causes the chime to continuously sound but the doorbell pro itself doesn't work.

With regards to the chime, mine is a digital chime. I've seen mentions of problems using a digital chime but no specific posts or information from SimpliSafe saying digital chimes are a no-no. I don't really see why the chime would make a difference because all the doorbell should do is close the circuit long enough for the chime to sound once, regardless of whether it's a mechanical or a digital chime. The chime currently acts as a simple piece of wire connecting the two contacts which causes a continuous sounding of the chime (I confirmed that would happen by connecting the two contacts with a paperclip to the same effect of a continuous sounding of the chime. If I wanted that, I could just install the doorbell with a closed circuit in the first place).

With regards to the doorbell pro, I've confirmed that the bracket receives a constant 17V using my multimeter. I also tried to make sure there are no shorts on the doorbell when it's touching the contacts. I've now got more problems. The doorbell no longer lights up or works when connected to a micro-USB. I don't think my 17V output shorted the doorbell, but you never know. I was able to jiggle the doorbell on the bracket enough so that I can get an intermittent blinking yellow light on the button, but not at the same rate as is described on the SimpliSafe site indicating that the "camera is connected to the internet, but is not connected to SimpliSafe's servers (this may be visible for a short time after rebooting your camera)." I can hear the shutter opening and closing or some other mechanical noise from the camera intermittently as well. This seems to go in time with the IR red light coming on. But the doorbell still won't connect to the internet or to the app or anything. I've heard that if the transformer is a 16V/10VA model instead of a 16V/30VA model, there may not be enough power output to run the doorbell, so I'm waiting to hear back from my electrician about what kind they installed to see if that's the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Especially if SimpliSafe itself has any input to these things. I've seen several forum posts about similar issues, but few responses from SimpliSafe staff. Hopefully this can also be helpful to those other people



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@anger.md suggest you call support and have them assist.
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