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Sunday, March 24th, 2019 10:51 PM

doorbell power adapter

I was excited when Simplisafe introduced their video doorbell but disappointed when I learned that it could only be powered with an existing doorbell.

I am a pioneer with the Simplisafe alarm system and upgraded my system from the original equipment, and also utilize the wireless cameras as well.  The reliance and protection level that the Simplisafe service is important to me when it comes to protecting my pets, property, and myself.

I am a "tech junkie" and I decided to give the Simplisafe doorbell a try knowing that I did not have an existing doorbell.  My investment in the equipment and service warranted a try.  It certainly didn't make sense to purchase another brand and have yet another service to use.  

I tried and tested the power supply provided by the OHMKAT company (see the following link) as it satisfied the power requirements and also had other accessories like wiring extensions and electronic chimes.  The Simplisafe doorbell closely resembled the Nest Hello doorbell in size and power requirements so I started with that specific adapter.


I would encourage the techs at Simplisafe to check out this adapter for folks like me that don't have a wired doorbell.  Had I not attempted to retrofit your doorbell, I more than likely would have purchased another brand and perhaps even switched my alarm service over to their equipment.  They also seem to offer other integrations with Alexa, power over ethernet, etc.

Thanks for the Simplisafe technology.  I'm a supporter of it.



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5 years ago

@cristwardowski, great post and thank you for taking the time to write it. While I have the typical powered doorbell and the SS unit worked fine, there are others who have SS3 that I recommended and they only have the digital wireless type. This is a great solution.

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5 years ago

I more than likely would have purchased another brand and perhaps even switched my alarm service over to their equipment.I more than likely would have purchased another brand and perhaps even switched my alarm service over to their equipment. wow great information totally love it buddy. 192.168.l.254 ip address
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5 years ago

I had been using the doorbell with the micro usb for about a month with no problems, then I started getting the battery below 30% notification every few minutes.  I called Ohmkat and they said that this adapter was compatible with Simplisafe's doorbell.  I've been using it for about 2 days and so far it is working fine.  I also purchased their chime which works too.  Thanks for finding this!

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5 years ago

HI, this is Brent, the founder of OhmKat.  Yes, our power supplies work with SimpliSafe.  Happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

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  I need a 30 foot cord to reach my doorbell, which I"ve placed on an exterior gate. How long a cord do you provide with OhmKat?

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5 years ago

I can't personally vouge for the Ohmkat model but a transformer is a transformer as long as it is in the 8v-24v range.

Doesn't matter if it is a plug-in unit or a hard wired model like those used for standard doorbells(my DIY setup)

From what I see on the Ohmkat website it should power it.

Note: my refrigerator's coils are on the bottom and the back is fully enclosed in metal.

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5 years ago

I replaced my wired doorbell with a wireless one a few years ago when the old wires quit working. I recently bought the Simplisafe doorbell - if I use an Ohmkat power supply, is there any way to connect my Simplisafe doorbell to my existing wireless chime (which still works with my back doorbell), or would I need to buy an Ohmkat chime? @cristwardowski any experience with this? Thanks!
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