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Monday, February 17th, 2020 6:18 AM

Doorbell notifications all night long

The doorbell works great all day. But at night I'll get a notification of movement every few minutes. No matter what settings I try,  it won't stop.



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4 years ago

@owenpatrickcomer that's why SS provides the flexibility to have different settings for day and night conditions. I keep my night settings motion to low, high during the day. If you still have issues call support to troubleshoot. BTW, make sure you don't have bushes or plants directly in front of the camera.

4 years ago

Day is on high

Night is low

I don't think there's much as far as bushes and such to trigger false alerts. Especially on this scale.

I know when the sun goes down and when it comes back up just based on the food of alerts that start/stop lol

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4 years ago

In SS's defense most outdoor cams suffer from this.  We have a night owl system at work and any time I need to scan foootage at night time it's a nightmare to find what we are looking for.  I don't have the ss doorbell but I've been playing around with outdoor cams for years and haven't quite found one thats flawless yet.  Extra porch lighting can help.  If the cam has to rely solely on it's own infrared light you're probably getting a lot of ghosts flying around triggering it.  Well, not real ghosts lol, I think it's dust but it gets amplified and reflects back at the cam causing a motion alert.  What til the bugs come back, It'll get even worse.

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4 years ago

Turn off Night Vision. That fixed it for me.
DaveKatz that did it, thanks a lot bud! No more motion detection notifications every other minute all night long!
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