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Monday, May 1st, 2023 1:40 PM

Doorbell not working.

1) My cell phone says the battery is less than thirty percent 30%

2) All circuit breakers in the house have been on.

3) The doorbell is hardwired.

4) The simply safe app says there's an update available. 

5) The keypad will not allow me to accomplish the update.

6) WTH

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1 year ago

@victormike1977​ hi. The Video Doorbell Pro has its own firmware that is updated automatically, and is not affected by Base Station/Keypad updates. So 4-5 are a separate issue from 1-3.

But regarding that Base Station update - what are you seeing when you attempt to initiate the update through the Keypad? And is your Base Station connected via WiFi (which is required for updates)? You can check by going to Menu > System Settings > WiFI.

And as for the doorbell, how long as the unit been installed? It might not be getting the right voltage from the circuit. It's a long shot, but a Chime Connector might help - our Support team can provide that for you free of charge.

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