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Sunday, October 11th, 2020 10:16 PM

Doorbell not detecting motion on Sunny vs Cloudy days

My Doorbell Pro does not pick up any type of motion on Sunny days even on high motion setting. Not on low, not on medium motion setting either. Not on "person" only, not on "all motion". Nothing, if it's sunny.
However, on cloudy days or, when the sun starts to go down at around 6pm or so, the camera detects everything very well. Early morning, same thing, works great, that is, until it starts to get very sunny then, nothing is detected whatsoever. The live view is always perfect (1080p) no matter when but, it will not detect any motion, even jumping or waving right in front of it, if it is too bright outside.
Any ideas?

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4 years ago

Keep in mind that it is not really a "motion" detector, it is a "change in heat" sensor.  Designed to work in a controlled temperature environment below that of things you want to detect, it is not surprising it has a hard time working in an environment where the air temperature is near to that of what you want to detect.
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