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Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 4:08 PM

Doorbell, Low Battery When Temps Drop

We have had the system for a little more than two years.  We are in the mid-Atlantic, near the Appalachian mountains.  In the winter, temps frequently drop to the 30s, sometimes to the 20s, and once in a while to the teens or single digits.

I’ve noticed that the doorbell gives a  “Battery Under 30%” warning when the temps drop relatively quickly.  The issuance of this warning seems tied more closely to the rate of temperature decrease than to actual temp.  We’ve had times when the temp would be in the 30s for a few days then got the 20s and we’d not get the warning.  But if it was in the 50s a few days then dropped to the low 30s, we’d get the warning.  We only see the warning in the winter.

This most recently happened today/last night, a time when we happen to not be home and when we are relying the most on the doorbell camera.  This time, the camera must have completely run out of juice, because the doorbell is no longer connected to the Wi-Fi and hence isn’t sending notifications or video to us.

Other than this issue, the doorbell camera woks fine.  There was no power outage while we’ve been away.  All other sensors and the indoor camera are still connected to teh base station and the Wi-Fi. 

So, three questions:

  1. Why do we get the “Battery Under 30%” when the temps drop quickly?
  2. What can we do to prevent the battery from going low when temps drop?
  3. Is there a way to reconnect the doorbell to our Wi-Fi remotely?

I wish the doorbell could save the Wi-Fi into in memory somehow, so that it could automatically reconnect to our Wi-Fi in the even something causes it to temporarily drop-off. 

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Good news, the doorbell camera did automatically reconnect to the wifi, presumably after it recharged.  So I guess the camera was offline for a few hours, don’t know how many.  I know it was offline because about 2 hours after we got the low battery warning, I check my Simpisafe app and when I tried to view the doorbell camera live, I saw that it was offline and could not reconnect.

I still have questions number 1 and 2 above.

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I have never had a problem with the video doorbell running out of battery and we get cold nights as well and it always will hook back up but I would make sure you are getting the proper voltage out of the doorbell wires as it may not be enough to keep it charged so try to find out that first. We have had a few nights where it got to 18 degrees and all 9 of our cameras were still rolling so definitely find out the voltage coming out of those wires 

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Hi @jonny_gogo, 

The Video Doorbell has a very small battery that helps with operation - though not enough to keep it powered for more than a few minutes. The wired doorbell circuit should be keeping it charged. So if you're getting a warning, that implies that it's not getting enough power!

I agree with Lance, I would check to make sure you’re getting the proper voltage out of your doorbell. The Video Doorbell works best with an 8 – 24-volt AC transformer in your doorbell wiring. If you’re getting the proper voltage, your Video Doorbell should stay charged no matter the temperature.

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I'll have to climb up into our attic and take a look at the step down transformer we have for the doorbell.  I never changed it, it's the same one we had from before we got a Simplisafe so maybe it's just not letting enough juice through to the Simplisafe doorbell, as a few of you all have suggested.

It's funny I only notice the issue when temps drop.  The transformer is in an un-conditioned space.  I wonder if the temps affect how much juice it let through to the doorbell wires.

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