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Sunday, December 4th, 2022 1:02 AM

Doorbell "Lost Video" only on consecutive recordings.

Looking back on my timeline for my doorbell pro, I think I've noticed an odd trend with my recordings. 

I never have any issues for the first/isolated recording during a motion event. So for instance, someone dropping off a package and then leaving all within the 1:05 window for recording. Never have issues, video is always saved. 

However, if a second motion event occurs immediately afterwards, the video footage will always be lost. 

If a third motion event is triggered after that, the recording again seems fine. Never lost. And it repeats. 

So, for example, here would be a typical timeline scenario:

5:00pm (first event): Video captured and saved.

5:01pm: No Video

5:02pm: Video saved

5:03pm: No Video

5:04pm: Video saved. 

5:08pm (Later on, after the initial series of events are done): Video saved, no issues

Its weird, but I'm starting to think there's something going on with the upload process where the second video is getting triggered "too quickly" during a series of events and so isn't getting saved to SS servers? 

My signal strength varies, but most of the time its right on the edge of 55dbm or so. But this is such a consistent issue it seems weird to pin it soley on wifi strength. And again, never have any issue with the first recording. 

Anyone notice anything similar?

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2 years ago

Hi @Postman77 thanks for all the details. 

That certainly is strange behavior. Do you have this issue happen with any other cameras in your system, if you have others? How far away is the Video Doorbell Pro from your router?

With a -55dbm, it does seem like you have a solid signal. However, we'd still want to rule out a few things here to try and identify the root cause.

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@alexandria_c​ Thanks for the reply. No other issues with any other camera on my system. Have both indoor and outdoor cameras. I'll very rarely get "lost videos" on some of them, but usually those are rare isolated incidents and not consistent ones like with the doorbell. 

Doorbell is maybe 25-30 feet from router (router is on second floor, doorbell is on first) and is connected to a wifi extender that's only a few feet from it. 

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