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Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 2:18 PM

Doorbell issue

Well, that was disappointing. I am installing a new system. I just called customer support to find out why my base station does not make any noise when the Video Doorbell Pro button is pushed. It turns out that you have to have 1) an existing doorbell with a chime and 2) a SimpliSafe Chime Connector.

Both of these are not documented in the advertising materials, the manual sent with the devices, or on the SimpliSafe website. Completely undocumented features. I do not have an old fashioned doorbell. Now I have to remove my SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro and reinstall my Amazon Ring doorbell. The Ring, like every other wireless doorbell I've owned over the past 30 years, has a ringer inside and doesn't require that you connect it to an existing doorbell.

On the plus side, they're sending me a Chime Connector for free and I guess it won't cost that much to go to the hardware store to buy a doorbell and install it... however, I'm still pretty peeved that I need to buy an old-fashioned doorbell to make my new modern video doorbell work. I wonder what other interesting surprises I'll find as I set up my system.

This feels very much like 1990s vintage tech.

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3 years ago

Hi chris.shaffer,

Just want to start off by clarifying a couple of things. Yes, the Video Doorbell Pro is designed to plug into an existing wired analog doorbell, for both power and sound. We do lay out the requirements on our website here: https://simplisafe.com/video-doorbell-pro

The Chime Connector is useful if you're hearing a loud buzzing coming from your doorbell's speaker, or if sometimes if you're not hearing a chime, or you're hearing only one tone instead of two - all of which are signs that the Video Doorbell Pro isn't getting enough voltage from the electrical system. The Chime Connector fixes that by supplying the correct voltage.

But on top of that, assuming that your Video Doorbell Pro is fully set up over your existing wired doorbell circuit, the Base Station does indeed have the ability to echo the doorbell chime. You'll just need to make sure that your Base Station has the latest version of the firmware, by going to Keypad Menu > System Settings > Check for Updates .
Then head over to the SimpliSafe app, and and you'll find the setting in the General Settings section of the Menu.


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I didn't have an existing doorbell on my home. I had an electrician run power to the SS doorbell and I use the base station as my chime. It works, but there is about a 5 second delay between the time someone pushes button and when the base station plays the chime. A little inconvenient, but one that I consider to be minor.

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Is there a solution for this 5 second delay for base station chime?

 I neither had a wired transformer nor a chime. I purchased and hard wired a 20 VAC 500 mA ohmkat adapter (meant for SS video doorbell pro).

It is disappointing to see the 5 second delay for the base station chime while entry sensors don’t have any delay at all.

After reading these posts, I am wondering if I need a higher voltage and amperage (I only hear single chime when the button is pushed).

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3 years ago

Doorbell chimer/camera view

Whenever I attach the video doorbell to the entrance, the chimer bells begin to vibrate uncontrollably, and then rings when no one is pressing the ring button.  When I remove the doorbell, it stops, when I connect it again, the chimer begins to vibrate again, which makes it ring.

I need help!

Also, my doorbell is in the corner of my door, so half of the camera is taking in my brick wall instead of the rest of my yard.  Is there some extension Simplisafe has that can extend my doorbell and make it stand out to see more of the view?


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3 years ago

Doorbell Buzzing
I recently relocated my system, which had a doorbell camera.  Following my installation, the current doorbell has been buzzing. When I disconnect, it goes away.  What is the cause and how can it be resolved?

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3 years ago


Check out my reply to your thread here.

@mikeputich, sounds like you're in the same boat as well.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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3 years ago

While I have been generally please with the simplisafe product line I'm not as please with the Video doorbell.  I just tried to install mine.  The install went pretty well however the setup is another story.  I see several areas that need improvement.
1.  Set 8 Press the doorbell to test chime connection.  Most likely you will need a chime connector and there is no mention of this anywhere in the instructions.  

Setup on mobile app.  Is the light flashing white?  I get NO light.  Called support they stated it needs to be charged first.  No mention of that anywhere in the instructions.  How long?  Try 1 hour.  I did 90 minutes still no white light.  Solid yellow light comes on says that means is updating.  How do that work when its not connected to the network yet?    Going to let it charge overnight.  However, there is NO way to even know if it's charging or fully charged??

If it's not charged overnight it will be going back.  Seems to be there should be a way to indicate that it's charging and that it's fully charged.  The base plate has 18VAC which is what the previous doorbell used.  Internet search states that the Simplisafe video doorbell requires 8-24 VAC so 18VAC should be fine.

I wish this was more positive.

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3 years ago

18V doesn't tell the whole story. Doorbell cameras typically require more current than a standard mechanical doorbell, and a lot more current than newer electronic chimes. Some doorbell transformers are as small as 10VA (10 volt-ampere) and that's not enough for the doorbell and the doorbell cam.

Far as I know, SS has never put out a minimum recommended VA rating. Ring has though and, from memory, I think they suggest 30VA for one doorbell cam with the existing doorbell. The VA rating should be marked on the doorbell transformer. I suggest to check the VA rating and consider upsizing as/if necessary.

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2 years ago

I have an issue that, after months, electricians, and numerous calls and different doorbells, SS have not been able to crack. 

I receive the doorbell and am able to install on my wifi after plugging into the micro USB.  When I install on the wall bracket, it chimes, then stops working.  I get this yellow light that comes on for a few seconds, then off for 5-10 seconds.  Not flashing but repeating this cycle indefinitely.  After putting on the bracket, the doorbell no longer works and connects to my phone, even when connected back on USB.

I have hired an electrician to test the voltage to the doorbell bracket (consistent 19v), bought a new transformer, created a separate 2.4GHz wifi network etc.  nothing works.  During my latest call with SS, I was informed that the issue is because I have a digital chime, but is this really it?  It doesnt explain why the doorbell won't power.

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