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Sunday, June 7th, 2020 8:23 PM

Doorbell installation does not complete

I installed the doorbell and it rings the existing chime.  However, I do not get any LED lights on it and I cannot get it set up in the system.  Since it is ringing the chime, it is powered and functional as a doorbell, so why is it not connecting to the system during setup?  Other components (motion sensor and other camera) function fine, setup was not an issue with either.

4 years ago

Bump. Same problem.

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4 years ago

I was coming here to make a post about this and saw your post. I received my third doorbell camera yesterday and have the same issue you described. I found out this morning that there is a known issue with the new batch of doorbell cameras. Hopefully you can get someone on their support like that understands that. Read my details below.

I received my first doorbell camera two weeks ago, wired it in, and it would not power on. The doorbell would ding so I knew the wiring was correct. I also measured the voltage at the doorbell and received a constant 19V. Support had me plug the micro USB port on the back into a wall charger and it still did not power on, so they sent me a replacement. The replacement arrived and exhibited the same behavior. I called support again and they sent me a chime connector, which again did not solve the problem. I called support again last week and they sent me a third camera. I received it yesterday and again saw the same behavior. I called support again this morning and they FINALLY acknowledge there was an issue with a firmware update for the latest batch of cameras. She apologized for me having to call so many times and nobody realizing that was the issue. They sent my contact information to the department working on the issue and they are supposed to reach out to me. She did not know how long it would take them to reach out or fix the issue.

As for their support, I have had mixed results. I've been a SimpliSafe customer for six years, but I have never had to call their support. I have found the best time to call is early in the morning. When I have called around 8:00am Central, I have spoken to someone very quickly. When I have called at night, I have waited for a long time, usually hanging up after about 40 minutes. As for the support they provide once on the phone, I have had three agents who were very helpful. The other two were very rude and both accused me of doing something wrong. One even went so far as to tell me the information I was giving her was "wishy washy". It turned out that she was assuming some things about my setup all along that were wrong. Overall, I'm not very impressed with their support especially after finding out this morning that the issue is a firmware issue.

I am not sure when this issue started, but if this issue with the new batch of doorbell cameras is as widespread as it seems, I do not understand why they are still shipping them. I am three for three on having a cameras with this issue. I am pretty frustrated with the camera at this point, but I did get a really good deal on it as part of an upgrade, so I will probably give them a little while to resolve the issue before returning and putting in a different doorbell camera.

Good luck!

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@kp511​ Thank you for posting about this. I'm having the same issues right now, but with my first doorbell.

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Hi @optimusthyme, 

I see that you've already connected with our Support team and that they're sending a replacement and a Chime Connector your way. If this replacement doorbell still won't install properly, let me know! I would be happy to troubleshoot further.

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