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Monday, February 7th, 2022 5:00 PM

Doorbell does not do motion detection

I already tried 2 doorbells and a third replacement is in progress but wanted to ping an online community....

My doorbell does not detect motion and thus no recording for objects (cars, people, etc.) from 10-15 feet away.

From 3-4 feet it works fine.

Of cause, I tried all possible settings.

Anybody has seen a similar problem?


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2 years ago

I am experiencing the same issue.  It works when close but if I stand 10-15 feet in front of it, it does not pick it up.  It picks up nothing in the front yard.  Picks up people close to door and cars on the street, but nothing in between.

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2 years ago

I am experiencing this same situation... definitely unacceptable and makes us vulnerable....

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Same thing here.  The doorbell detects up close (3-4 feet) and over 50 sometimes.  But a delivery man can walk up the sidewalk 20 feet and place a package on the porch and it records nothing.  I have tried disconnecting from power and re-installing in the app.  Still nothing.  Anyone have a solution?  About ready to try Ring.

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I have same issue but see no fixes other than going to Ring

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@cmarie1074What is the physical setup of your Video Doorbell Pro like? It is most sensitive to lateral motion, so we would want to make sure it is placed in a way where objects are moving across its field of view from the side as opposed to straight on. We offer a Horizontal Angle Bracket that can adjust the horizontal positioning of the Video Doorbell Pro by 15 degrees for this exact purpose. If you reach out to our Support team, they can send one to you free of charge.

And if you haven't already, it may also help to adjust the sensitivity of the Video Doorbell Pro to high. This can be done in the SimpliSafe mobile app by going to My System > Camera Settings > select [your Video Doorbell Pro] > Motion Detection > drag the Sensitivity slider to High

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