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Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 6:00 AM

Doorbell connection issues

I have two doorbells and for the past year I’ve had connection issues on and off consistently. Nothing I do seems to work. I have a brand new Orbi 6E router capable of up to 10gb. My internet is cox gigablast 1gb and WiFi throughout the house is 500-700mb. All other devices in the house, run flawlessly, including Apple TV, thermostats, and everything else I only have issues with SimpliSafe. I’m at the point where I’m about to just give up and trash the whole system. I don’t understand how the doorbells can be this bad. I had nest for two years before this and never had a single issue with much slower Internet.

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1 year ago

Here's one of my doorbells, at the front door. The satellite is 10 ft away. Full bars with the connection check, then I launch live view and count slowly to 12 and get this message. 
IDK, I might just give up. Seems like the tech is just bad. Does SimpliSafe monitor these forums? I'll be calling them after work yet again. 

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1 year ago

@chuck_e5bad0 since you have a dedicated 2.4GHz network and your signal strength is greater than -55dBm, your Video Doorbell Pro should have no issues launching live view. There are a few reasons why a user could receive a "Camera Disconnected" error, as highlighted in this Help Center article, but it doesn't sound like they pertain to your situation unless your internet service provider experienced an outage.

I've gone ahead and escalated your case to our Support team. A specialist will reach out to you soon to troubleshoot this live.

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1 year ago

I purchased a TP-Link AC750 extender and set up a 5ghz and 2.4ghz signal. Both connected to my 5ghz ssid from Orbi. 

I put it in the room right outside where the door bell is and it doesn’t work. I moved it outside because it’s a covered courtyard (just on the outside wall of that room) and the signal is strong from the extender (around 300mb). Now the cameras work. 

Why, how? I can stand down the street and get signal from my Orbi. Where the doorbell is gets 500-600mb. Yet it won’t work. Is that due to it being a mesh network? So this extender is not a mesh then. Somehow connecting to the extender (and both networks have the same ssid and pass) the cameras are working. I don’t understand how is why. 

It’s also very weird to me that a wall with stucco can kill a 500mb signal but I can run down the street with internet? I’m very confused.

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Having same issue.   I am not as techy as you.  But what I can ascertain is that I need an extender to make it work

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