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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 6:00 PM

Doorbell CHRONICALLY Disconnects / The Forums Need a SEARCH Feature

Currently 10012 topics posted here--and no way to search through them. Wow.

My Doorbell cam will disconnect itself from the network about once every 3-4 days, necessitating a re-pair to the wi-fi. My wifi measures at about 300Mbps at the doorbell location (33Mbps up). The wifi is connected within 20 feet of the doorbell, with a clear line of sight (no walls in-between). How can I get this to stop?

I have 4 additional cameras, too, and they constantly disconnect, but thankfully will re-connect within a short period of time.

I'm wondering if I have made an expensive mistake by investing in these products.

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4 years ago

I'm having the same problem. Customer support had me test my wifi at the doorbell and the results were "extremely fast." Then after putting me on hold for awhile, they came back and blamed it on the brick veneer the door bell is installed onto. WHAT?!? Not only is brick, you know, a common building material, but the instructions for installing the lock include a section on installing it on brick! And my neighbor has basically the same house and their Ring doorbell works fine.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said they'd call back. They never did.

I'm also wondering if I made an expensive mistake by going with Simplisafe.

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4 years ago

Most likely it is the strength of your wi-fi signal.  The doorbell is outside the wall and walls / doors are very bad at letting wi-fi signals through.  Brick is tough and also in these door areas brick will often have metal under it on the corners.  It's really bad for wi-fi.  You will have this issue with any wi-fi doorbell you go with.

Try moving your wi-fi router closer (if you can)  Also even just moving the position the wi-fi router is in the room is good - generally higher up in the room is better.  Just sitting on the floor under the desk is bad.

 If not then look at a wi-fi extenders or upgrading your router.   I highly suggest the Netgear Orbi  mesh wi-fi network routers.    They have a base router but then these remote satellites that just are super simple to setup and really work well for getting wi-fi in all areas of your house.

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I have my doorbell mounted to a solid glass door, within 20 feet of my ORBI extender, in a direct line of sight--no walls in-between. The doorbell will connect and stay connected for less than a week. The ORBI app is telling me that it's connecting to the wi-fi at 65Mbps, and it still drops the connection randomly. I even set the camera resolution to 480p--still drops.

I'm about to send the whole thing back, drop my service, and write a scathing review...

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4 years ago

Try another frequency on your router.  Even though it's checking out fine on other devices a cleaner frequency could help.  I don't have the doorbell camera but I have 3 of the standard cameras and reset them maybe once or twice a year.
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