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Monday, October 29th, 2018 6:41 PM

Doorbell Chime on Base Station?

I recently installed the new Doorbell cam and it works just fine. However, the house I am in must have an old or broken doorbell chime. The wires were in the wall at the door and powered, but I have no idea where the box in the house is and there is no chime (maybe off or broken). Is there a way for the SS Doorbell to trigger the SS Base Station to chime?

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4 years ago

Great, I just got off the phone with tech support at SS. They don't have any way to make the Simplicam Video Doorbell work with a wireless chime. It will make your cellphone ring, but there's no simple wireless chiming device that will work with it. How crazy is that!? Everything else about SS is wireless, but they expect you to have 1960s wired technology for their doorbell! Guess I'm gonna have to see if Costco will take this stinky device back.
I have it setup in my house. I wired the doorbell to a Honeywell wired-to-wireless transmitter and added the SimpliSafe relay, which they can send you. The end result is that it connects to a Honeywell wireless chime, which is a cool little battery-powered box. You can select the chime sound, or use your own MP3.



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4 years ago

Just goes to show.  SS is a security company, and when they wander away from that, they don't seem to do well.

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3 years ago

Doorbell ringing on base station is a useful feature - especially for an original doorbell that is part of a hard-wired intercom system. The Simplisafe Doorbell Pro would not work properly so we had to cut the doorbell line in our intercom. Now, we can at least hear the ding-dong on the base station.

One additional request, could the ding-dong be added to the Simplisafe keypad? That would give more ability to hear a doorbell ring throughout the house. Thanks for considering this feature request!

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2 years ago

So, with the new modifications, the video pro doorbell should ring at the base station now, correct?

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@reed_hines​ Video Doorbell Pro chime on the Base Station was part of Base Station Firmware Update 1.6. You'll need to have updated firmware on both the video doorbell and the Base Station, and then enable the Base Station Chime setting in the SimpliSafe app under Menu > My System > Camera Settings > [your Video Doorbell] > Base Station Chime.

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