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Friday, May 1st, 2020 8:16 PM

Doorbell camera takes a long time to start recording


I am observing a really long delay between the time motion occurs until the camera begins recording.  I recently had a grocery delivery and the person twice dropped off bags on the porch, they then rang the doorbell and stepped back to take a photo of the items.  My recording only shows them as they were leaving.  I did set the sensitivity to high.  I also performed another test by jogging up to my porch, picking up a package and jogging off. None of this was detected by the camera.  Have other users experienced this?


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2 years ago

Same problem here. Is there some sort of update we need to push or is WiFi signal a consideration? We have stucco so have a signal but not always super strong — and for past 2-3 months has beware ok but now noticing a serious lag before it starts recording, the person is usually totally gone/back on the sidewalk when it starts now.

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@ambrecaye​ troubleshooting the WiFi connection is a great idea. You can use the Connection Check tool in the Camera Settings to test the connection for the Video Doorbell in that position.

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