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Sunday, February 9th, 2020 6:23 PM

Doorbell Camera Stopped Working

My doorbell camera stopped working yesterday. The doorbell still rings, but the camera is not connected. I attempted to call but there was no answer. Prior to this, the camera was working perfectly for nearly a month. My two indoor cameras are still working.

Looking at my timeline, all three of my cameras seemed to stop working after the "test signal" was received, but the indoor cameras started working again within an hour. The doorbell camera has not been working for 16+ hours.

ETA I have called twice and waited on hold the last time for nearly 10 minutes (mostly in complete silence) before abruptly being disconnected! This system is not working correctly, and now y'all refuse to even answer the phone. This is ridiculous.

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4 years ago

I called again and finally got an answer. I removed the doorbell camera from the app and then removed the doorbell camera from its mount to access the reset button. After that, I re-added it to the app, and now it is working again!

It was simple to do even though I was intimidated because an electrician installed my doorbell and set it up for me initially. I hope this doesn't happen again or often, but it is good to know how to fix it myself if it does.
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