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Saturday, April 20th, 2019 1:18 AM

DoorBell Camera Screwdriver Size

I've misplaced my screwdriver for the DoorBell security screw. I need to reset my camera as I am no longer getting notifications. What size torx bit is the screwdriver?

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5 years ago

Searching for site:simplisafe.com/forum doorbell torx size yielded either T-7 or T-8. I would suggest you start too large so you don't strip it if it's a soft metal (I don't have one, so I cannot confirm). If too large doesn't fit, go down 1 size.

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5 years ago

It is a T5.  I just installed a new router and WiFi network and had to update all of my cameras.

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1 year ago

T5.  Need we say more?

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