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Friday, March 19th, 2021 12:13 AM

Doorbell camera picture quality is sometimes poor

Every so often, the colors on my doorbell camera video are washed out and not very vibrant.  It rarely lasts more than a day and then would go back to normal. Starting and restarting the app made no difference.  It hasn't happened in a couple months and doesn't happen a lot, so I haven't really worried about it.  However, when it happened today, I tried changing the picture quality from 720p to 480p and that fixed it.  When I changed it back to 720p everything was still working good.  

Does anyone know what this means?  I have screen shots to show the difference, but I do not know how to post them.

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1 month ago

I recently had a similar issue. The contrast was off and I had lost shadow detail with reddish tints in the dark portions of the image. Did as you suggested and it solved the issue, at least for now. Thanks for the tip!

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