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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 10:13 PM

Doorbell Camera Issues

There are a number of posts about intermittent loss of the doorbell camera  "not connected"  message.  
I have the same issue.  Seems like the "camera" goes to sleep or something and you have to repeatedly have to access it through the app.  Usually takes 2 or 3 minutes.

I have not seen any response from Simplisafe on this issue.  I am fairly positive it is not an issue with my WiFi signal strength or speed.  

I would like to have a tech from Simplisafe actually weigh in on this issue.  They sent me a new camera but it was totally dead when I got so I reinstalled the first one which works most of the time.  Support is not helpful - they just want me to reset it again.  I have done this many times and the problem persists.

Simplisafe - what you say??

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5 years ago

Here are some tips from Nest.  They may be worth checking out.   Most all IP camera manufactures give the same recommendations.

There is so any routers out there and so many ways to configure.  In most cases, most never do.

I really think there may be some validity to the DHCP lease time.

   Enable 802.11 b/g/n if you have an 802.11 ac router.
   Set your Wi-Fi router's DHCP lease time to at least 2 hours.
  We recommend that you use WPA2 encryption on your router when using Nest products.
   Turn on your router's Power Save Mode (PSM) if you have a Nest thermostat.

To ensure the best performance and compatibility, install the latest software updates for your router. You can usually find the latest software by searching for your router model on the manufacturer's website. If installation instructions aren't included with the download, check your router's manual.

Usually, it's best to set Wi-Fi channel selection to Auto instead of a specific channel. This lets your router automatically switch channels to avoid interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks and wireless devices that can slow down or even block Wi-Fi signals.

Set your Wi-Fi router's DHCP lease time to at least 2 hours. This can help ensure your Nest products stay connected to your network. Any setting lower than 2 hours may prevent your Nest products from reconnecting to your network, even if the connection drops out for half a second or less.

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Finally Fixed Ours!

We had the same issue as the original poster, both when we originally set up the doorbell cam and recently, even though we hadn't changed any settings or lost internet connectivity. We finally figured out a solution that actually worked:

- Reset the doorbell cam by holding down the button on back of the doorbell for 20 seconds
- Delete the doorbell cam from the App if necessary
- Follow the App instructions to connect the doorbell to wifi. It will either go back to flashing yellow if the wifi connection is strong, you're on a 2.4 ghz network, and the password was correct
- Log into your router/gateway and locate the camera's IP address using the device name (mine came up as "Ampak") or MAC if you know/recognize it
- Use DHCP Reservation or Static IP to the current IP address (newer routers will just let you select the camera from the list rather than making you type everything in
- In the Port Forwarding section of the router/gateway, open up a single port/use port forwarding. The camera's port is 8890 TCP/UDP/BOTH.
- Scan the QR code a second time. If the doorbell cam has timed out, you might have to hold down the reset button on the back again and re-scan the QR Code

If all of the above is set up correctly, it should connect without any issues. Unfortunately, there's so many gateway/router models, I can't describe exactly how everything in the router settings will be labeled. Best of luck!

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5 years ago

Same issue...on calls with SimpliSafe to troubleshoot and they cannot give me a straight answer. Their solution...keep the privacy shutter open, which isn't even an option on the video doorbell.

I've tried everything...2.4ghz only newtwork, DHCP lease, port forwarding, restarting, readding cameras, nothing. I have 100mps down and 25mps up. Speed is not the issue here.

My thought...they shipped this too soon into production, weren't ready for the popularity, and now are experiencing overwhelming network traffic.

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5 years ago


I'll repost my answer from the other thread.

Mine is installed quite literally in the wall of my house, and EVERYTHING effects wifi, including the insulation of your house. I could be standing 12 feet away and I'll have low signal.
I'm thinking it's not about distance, or speed. It's just a bad wifi connection.
You mentioned all the things you've done to fix the issue, but have you tried changing your WiFi to a different channel? There could very well be Wi-Fi interference on the channel that it is currently operating on, and a different channel may help. Even a minor adjustment of the antennae of the router will help improve signal.


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5 years ago

Same problems as everyone else.  I don't understand how they don't have a fix for this.  75% of the time the doorbell camera is offline.  Wi-Fi signal is strong since the router is less than 15 feet away.  Internet speed isn't an issue since I have 100MB a second.  Quite simply, since it seems everyone has problems (just look at the message boards), I think the quality of this particular product is very poor.  Tech support when calling in or via email can't seem to solve this.  Want proof?  Find a post on here where there is a response from tech support (most of the time they don't even  any kind of solution at all) people actually reply that the suggestions worked.  Very dissatisfied with this product.  The indoor cameras are also disappointing.  They only record the first 5 seconds and cut out and about 50% of the time they are offline.  

Stick with the alarm system itself.  The core product is great.  The camera tech is substandard and will cause you nothing but headaches.

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5 years ago

I'm also having the same problems and have tried all the reset, uninstall and reinstall methods. This will be the second doorbell camera that is being replaced this year. And why doesn't a "disconnected camera" produce an error alert the same way the entry sensors do? This seems like a huge oversight in software.

After giving up and resolving myself to wait for the replacement doorbell in the mail, I pulled the camera off the back plate and it was HOT. Admittedly it's ridiculously hot in the summer in Florida, but most electronics should not get this hot. I let it sit inside in the air conditioning for a few minutes and it kept running hot while flashing red. Starting to wonder if there's a problem with overheating associated with the backup batteries. Thoughts?
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