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Friday, December 14th, 2018 3:47 PM

Doorbell camera doesn't work on 99% of doorbells made today

I was disappointed to find out that I could not install and use the new Video Doorbell camera. I've been waiting for the SS version instead of buying the Ring.  I have a new house with a standard contractor doorbell.  It's one of those with a speaker that makes the sounds and you can pick 10 or so different tones or songs. Basically the same as you find at any Home Depot or Lowes Home improvement.

When I removed the original doorbell  it had a diode between the contacts of the doorbell. When I installed the SS doorbell camera I left that off. Once the camera was installed the original doorbell would not work and the instructions from the doorbell manufacturer said I needed the diode for the chimes to work correctly. So I installed the diode between the SS doorbell connector and the doorbell rings constantly, like someone is holding the bell.  Reversing the diode didn't help.

Tech support could not help. They said their doorbell camera will not work with Digital Doorbells. They sent me a PP return label.

Now what do I do for a doorbell camera???  I can't believe SS came out with a product that won't work with most of the new houses built in the USA. Every house in my development has the same doorbell.



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5 years ago

@jfabernathy, I am the guy who buys six powerball tickets and doesn't get one number; I think will buy more as I am in the 1% group that the doorbell worked. :-)

As far as what you can do, did you order the free connector kit? Don't know if that would provide any kind of fix but do know you can at least return it for a full refund within 60 days at least.

5 years ago

I was having the same problems but I spent $20 at Lowes and got a mechanical doorbell And that solve the problem for me. I got rid of the diode flip the red and white wires if the chime engages in stays engaged when you hook the mechanical doorbell up

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5 years ago

@garrett.mcalister, can you clarify what you mean by flip the red and white wires? Mine are red, black, and yellow.

I have a mechanical chime and when the doorbell camera is installed, after the first press of the button, the chime goes off and won't stop. I have been sent the chime connector but that doesn't work and from what I've read on these forums, it will only fix the issues with a digital chime.

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4 years ago

man i wished i ran across this before wasting several hours today.
after speaking to tech support, it doesn't sound like ss cares or is even trying to fix this.
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