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Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 9:14 PM

doorbell camera burning out doorbell transformers



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1 year ago

My house is almost 40 years old and has an old 16V 10vA transformer. When I first installed the video doorbell pro I noticed a humming from the chime box and sometimes the wi-fi connection would flake out. I lived with this for quite a while until I requested their chime connector and installed it and I have had zero issues since.

I do have a question - what does this sentence mean?

I attached the low voltage wires and tested the base unit (no camera)...good output again and this demonstrated there was no short in the line from transformer to base.

Are you attaching the low voltage wiring from the doorbell transformer to the SimpliSafe base?! Or are you referring to a different kind of base? Also did you install a chime box as well, or just a transformer and wiring? (I don't know if this matters, I'm just curious.)

FYI, this isn't a SimpliSafe specific problem. You will find a TON of hits for this same issue with Ring Doorbell Cameras with a variety of root causes given as well. At this point you may have 3 dead transformers and a dead camera as well.

Good luck with this. I'm super curious to hear what the root cause is.

@Johnny M,

Can you provide clarity on the specs needed to power the doorbell pro? Is the 30a part overkill but otherwise safe? Or is it possibly causing an issue?
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