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Saturday, October 29th, 2022 9:15 PM


Doorbell Base Station Volume

Hi there,

I think the maximum volume of the "base station doorbell chime" function needs to be increased.

I haven't got a mechanical chime so I use the base station as the signal when someone rings my simplisafe doorbell. I live in a 2 storey/4 bedroom house and it is impossible to hear the doorbell through base station from the 2nd floor even when it is set on "High".

If I have the TV on, I can't even hear it on the other side of an insulated plasterboard wall.

The Siren goes up to 95db, the status changes like "Alarm off" are nice and loud. Not sure why the highest volume setting for "Ding Dong" can't be as loud as those two.



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2 years ago

Hi @kris,


We will pass along your request for a Base Station volume increase to our team, however the Video Doorbell Pro is currently built to be used with an analog doorbell, creating that louder chime. 

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