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Monday, February 26th, 2024 4:30 AM

Door Bell motion sensor goes off CONSTANTLY

Hello.    I live on a busy street, and the traffic would trip my doorbell sensor all the time, so I tried to  the app to try to minimize the motion sensor from tripping.  I set the settings on PEOPLE ONLY, then I set the sensitivity to LOW, and I even blocked off almost the ENTIRE FIELD OF VIEW , definitely including the blocks where cars are driving across.  Yet I still get MANY motion sensor detections throughout the day.   Obviously the App motion sensor setting do not work very well.    Is there any fix for this?

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2 months ago

Hi @asparisi, 

Do you see any motion in these recordings, or is the Video Doorbell Pro recording when there is seemingly nothing there?

The Video Doorbell Pro's motion sensor works via infrared, so it looks for sources of heat that are moving around within its field of view. What could be happening is that the Video Doorbell Pro is getting triggered by things that may not be visible.

To troubleshoot, I would look for anything around the Video Doorbell Pro that could produce heat. This could be something like an exhaust vent somewhere around the device, or maybe even bugs or lizards that could crawl over the camera. Could something like that be possible with your camera's setup?

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2 months ago

Thanks for the thoughts, but like I said in my original complaint, the video door bell gets triggered by Traffic on the street in front of my house.    There is no exhaust vent.  There are no little creatures, and no People (even though I have the people only setting on).    I will hear traffic pass and then a half second later I get a Door Bell notification.      And at night, when there is light traffic, I get little to no notifications.

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I’ve had this issue since I purchased and installed in January 17th. Also on a very busy street. When I talked to technical support they said this was a known issue with the motion detection of people, but there wasn’t a fix. I was getting notifications every 2 minutes of every day. I turned it off. Just today, something has changed in the last few hours. Looking at my timeline there is a clear reduction in motion detected this afternoon. I haven’t run a software update. But from 2pm-7pm today I’ve only got 5 motion detected in the timeline (none were people, but it was definitely less). I just turned back on the notifications for front doorbell motion. And I’ve only gotten 2 so far. One person walking by my set zone and one that is again street traffic. I’m going to keep notification on tomorrow to see if it’s improved. I get a lot of walkers first thing in the morning that I can test motion out on in my people zones. 


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update: false alarm. It’s still capturing all motion. The reason for the reduced motion was a construction truck parked in front of my house for a few days; blocking the street traffic. Once the truck moved all unnecessary motion being picked up on the doorbell resumed. So alas I’ve disconnected use of the notifications for the front doorbell again. 

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1 month ago

I wish I had never bought this doorbell camera.  It's useless.  It detects motion in the street more than 100' from my door and It's not consistent about the type of motion it detects.  I have tried many different settings to "dial it in" but nothing works. I watched the UPS guy come to my door, I get no notification but yet I get a notification if someone drives down the street.  It's a POS and I wish I had never tossed my old doorbell and installed this one.

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Considering what I paid an electrician to run wiring to the door to have this thing installed, I totally regret getting this system and this doorbell especially. 

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1 month ago

Thanks for trying to help.  My frustration isn't directed toward you.  I also thought the settings take a while to implement but, it doesn't matter how long I wait or what setting I check, the camera still gives off a lot of false positive notifications.

I may try the angle bracket but that is an aggravating "fix".  I have to remove the wiring to the back of the doorbell and add a bracket and just hope it works.  I'm not filled with hope that it'll work because I've tried blocking every area in the app and it doesn't seem to help.

I never thought I'd have to spend this much time trying to fix something that Simplisafe should be able to fix with software update.

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