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Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 7:46 PM

Does camera trigger alarm?

I just ordered and set up my system last night. Everything seemed very clear and straight forward to me, except for the camera. Does the camera, when sensing motion, cause the alarm to go off? Under camera settings there are two options for motion detection: motion events on/off, and motion notifications on/off. What do these settings do?

If I have my system activated on "Home" mode, with a closed shutter, does that mean the motion detecting feature and camera do not function?

Also, what is that loud clicking sound the camera makes when turned on?


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4 years ago

Hi @leahwilson86,

The first thing to know about the motion sensor on your SimpliSafe camera is that it cannot trigger the alarm on your system. The second thing to know is that the motion detection feature can only work while the Privacy Shutter on the camera is open.

The first Motion Detection option, Motion Events, simply toggles whether or not the motion sensor in the camera is enabled. The Motion Notifications toggle turns on/off Push notifications for Motion Events from that camera to that phone. As you mentioned, when your system is armed in Home Mode, the Privacy Shutter on your camera will be closed and therefore the motion detection will not occur. If, however, you go to view live footage from your camera while the system is armed, the Privacy shutter will open (causing that clicking sound), you'll be able to view live footage, and motion will be detected until the Privacy Shutter again closes.

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