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Friday, March 12th, 2021 9:58 PM

Discontinuing all cameras recording on arming the system.

I am not at all happy with the decision to "improve our privacy" by not allowing us to have the option of all cameras recording when we arm the system.
  If it were simply a privacy issue they would have added an option to turn it off. The idea of trying to gaslight Us by claiming this is for our privacy concerns is ridiculous. The real reason is they don't want to use up there cloud space which really is not the right answer.
  The answer when you don't have enough capacity is not to cut back the service but rather to increase your capacity!
  Anyone with a law enforcement or security background  knows that one of the most vulnerable times for a business getting robbed is when a business locks up for the night or opens up for the day.
  You are taking away automatic recording during that time!!! Obviously no one with a security or police background was involved in making this terrible decision.
  Please  change it or I'm bringing my business elsewhere. This is a HUGE reduction in this system's overall quality.



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3 years ago

@jzeccolo I think the reason for SS's move is not a storage capacity issue. Customers asked for the change. Unfortunately, Simplisafe's attempt to implement it was buggy, and others, like yourself, didn't like it in the first place. In the original thread, SS reported they were backing the change out and putting it back the way it is.

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3 years ago

@Captain11 - Where did you see that there were "backing the change out and putting it back the way it is"?  They do seem to have fixed the issue where only 1 of the disarm recordings was showing in the timeline.  All cameras are showing again for disarm events.  But my timeline still doesn't show any recordings when the system arms (which is @jzeccolo's concern), and I haven't noticed any reports from SS that they were going to restore that functionality.

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3 years ago

Yes please give us the option to record on arming. I understand people are concerned with privacy so maybe have it default to not recording or a "protected privacy' mode and then have a "all events' mode.

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3 years ago

+1: I totally agree. Having the option for the cameras to record on arming is absolutely necessary. I'm a recently-joined customer still in my 60-day trial period, and I might return everything and look elsewhere if they don't bring this feature back, or at least make it a customer option!!

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3 years ago

It's 60 days from when you ordered it, not received it.
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