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Saturday, January 11th, 2020 6:06 PM


How do you turn the doorbell on?!

I just unboxed my "replacement" doorbell. It is dead. No lights. No nothing. I've had it plugged in to a USB charger for 2 hours. Still nothing. I've had it on my wired doorbell base for 2 hours. Still nothing.

There is nothing in the "troubleshooting" (or forums that I can find) about the door-bell becoming a paperweight. How do you turn this on?!

And I agree. Simply-safe tech support is useless. Why should I rely on simply-safe to keep my family safe when they cant even put out a working product?!



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4 years ago

Not saying this will work but try pushing the button on the back of the doorbell for a few seconds and see if that will reboot or (wake it up). If not then might be a call for ss. Oh and check to make sure power is coming in to the doorbell wires.

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4 years ago

Exact same problem. Brand new doorbell...charge it for a couple of hours. Added it my system, took it off the charger and it's been dead ever since. I have done all the trouble shooting...reset, remove from system, different cables, power, etc. and the doorbell is DEAD.

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9 months ago

Like many others, I plugged a replacement doorbell cam into a charger before setup.  Then while still plugged in, I set it up, all was working.  Moved to my front door, put it in place, stopped working, so removed it, was able to set it up again at front door, but it eventually stopped working.  Doorbell wiring does work.  I moved it back to my usb charger, but this time it has stayed dead as a doornail, nothing lights up.  Tried both reset buttons to no effect.  I've no clue to what's going on, and had to put my old doorbell came back in place (the main doorbell button sometimes sticks, video quality is poor, but hey, it sort of works).  The new one is now useless.

Anyone have any ideas?

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@photobug​ I see that you contacted our Support team and they were able to assist you. If you continue to experience issues with your new Video Doorbell, please let me know!

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