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Sunday, March 15th, 2020 12:03 PM

Damn Cameras again

Here we go again. Noticed both camera flashing yellow this morning. Tried rebooting, removing and reinstall, nothing. Go through the steps, get the code, the camera reads the code and flashes yellow for a few seconds then says, could not connect to wifi, try again later. This is getting old, nothing is wronf or has changed on my wifi or internet connection which is 500 Mbps on the net side. They worked great for about the last 2 or 3 months with no droputs now this. You can not tell me Simplisafe has not caused this on their end somehow.

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4 years ago

No such problem here on three cameras. Certainly not a system-wide issue.

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4 years ago

Valueadded, just to rule out - is there a distance problem perhaps between your router and the cameras, or any interference?  If not, call SS (I know I know, this could get futile) and ask for a supervisor to work on this issue with you.

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4 years ago

My 3 are also working fine.  My guess would be a failed update if they both went down at the same time.  Only 3 things can cause that, loss of internet, loss of power, or bad luck.

In either case, I think you gotta call the call center.

Hmm, I wonder if the call center is even fully staffed right now with the apocalypse going on.  Might be a long wait.

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4 years ago

I had a similar problem a while back.  Both cameras flashed yellow and I could never get one of them to reconnect, even right next to the router, so I tried to reinstall it via the app and it never worked.  I tried putting them on the counter, turned down the light, removed my phone case and cover, turned up the brightness, and taking a screen shot of the app and enlarging it in a photo.  It is so frustrating that I actually gave up and it is still sitting on my kitchen counter, wire and all.  I would do just about anything to have a way to load them that actually works.

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4 years ago

I thought a flashing yellow light means the camera is updating and nothing needs to be done.  I have seen mine flashing yellow light several times, I did nothing with them it worked just fine after a few minutes or so I never timed it.  But if you unplugged while it was flashing yellow, wouldn't you have interrupted an update?



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4 years ago

@magnum12pm  I believe you are correct. I don't touch my 3 simplicams and they work fine, updates and all.

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4 years ago

Not a positive review. Already had a SimpliSafe system before the camera/doorbell was available so we purchased the Camera/Doorbell separately. Spent 3 hours with obnoxious support person trying to get it to work. She refused to escalate the issue. Received a call after posting my dissatisfaction. He said he'd send me a network extender and call me at a specific day/time. Never received the extender; he never called. I called back & got someone who was actually helpful. She could see the camera was connected on her end, but I couldn't and it still didn't work. She decided the camera was defective & sent me another one. Spent hours over 3-4 days with her trying to get it to work with no success. She finally decided to send me an extender. This one was overnighted and arrived 3 days later. Didn't matter -- it didn't change anything. The camera still wasn't connected on my end. So I am sending back 2 camera/doorbells and the extender. I'm reinstalling my $1.49 doorbell and putting a trail cam up that I know works. Completely 100% dissatisfied with the camera/doorbell and some of their support people, but 100% satisfied with the rest of the SimpliSafe system.
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