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Friday, July 3rd, 2020 1:11 AM

Customer Service / Video Doorbell is awful

Bought a new Video Doorbell and was on the phone for 7 hours between SImplisafe and Apple support. SImplisafe hold time was about an hound then one service rep disconnected me so had to call back and wait another hour. After 3 phone calls with Simplisafe and 3 with Apple - I gave up with each blaming the other. All i know is I spent $100 getting the doorbell installed professionally and then to have the camera not work due to not able to access the wi-fi network but oddly enough the Simplisafe Base station accesses it fine. Sending back doorbell for refund. The customer service was terrible from Simplisafe and the hold times are ridiculous. I will not buy anything else or recommend Simplisafe again.
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