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Friday, February 26th, 2021 1:54 AM

Connecting Video Doorbell Directly to transformer.

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2 years ago

need help

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2 years ago

Another user reported multiple transformer failures connecting transformer directly to the camera without an actual doorbell in the circuit. I suspect your transformer has failed too.

Ring recommends using a 25 ohm, 50W resistor in series when using just a camera and transformer. That costs about $5 to $10 but you need to hook that up yourself.

The other user that reported the multiple transformer failures got one of these "OhmKat" power supply/adapters to successfully to use the SS doorbell camera without an actual doorbell in the circuit: https://www.ohmkat.com/products/copy-of-ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-simplisafe-pro-smart-wi-fi-video-doorbell

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@whoaru99​ Thanks for the guidance. After reading numerous threads it looks like this unit by OhmKat is the unanimous winner

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@spcoorlas​ I have to caution that the only supported setup for the Video Doorbell Pro is in a wired mechanical doorbell system. We cannot guarantee that your unit will work with alternate solutions, particularly that one that uses the USB service port.

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