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Saturday, December 24th, 2022 12:45 AM

Connecting outdoor Camera to Indoor Camera Power Supply

I recently placed an outdoor camera in place of an indoor camera with outdoor kit.

I left the power supply cord in place in case i wanted to pu the other camera back - which is not seeming like a bad idea right now based on the battery life depletion in the short period of time it has been up.

However i got the thinking that maybe i could power the camera with usb cord form the SimpliCam.

Can any one save me braving the 5 degree weather and advise it the connection to the cameras is the same? 

I do know the power cord for the outdoor cam is supposed to be waterproof, but i really don't need that i have USB capable outlets in an outdoor box the camera is partially protected. I did not even look at the connector though...

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1 year ago

If I'm correct the simplicam wire will not work with the outdoor cameras 

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1 year ago

just to bring it to a close, the connection appears to be the same (mini usb) however i was not able to seat the cable fully in the out door camera due to the shape of entrance on the camera and cable. At least the camera never recognized it was pugged in.

As DaveyD mentioned in another post it also would not be weather tight. so I will have to order a outdoor power cable.

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