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Friday, December 4th, 2020 8:21 PM

Can't Record Video !!

Tried on Android app and on the web app. I have the camera only recording plan.

I get the error "communication unsuccessful" and then "check your connection and try again" (I am on 1Gbps Fiber optic... connection is not a problem)

I get the error "Unexpected error".

On my browser console I can see: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()  api.simplisafe.com/v1/subscriptions/4344478/cameras/01eab2799bdc7190b9cc199d0034c987/record:1

When I go to my timeline I can see a list of "recordings" yet I can't click on them to view them.

I called support 3x and noone seems able to find what the issue is. Deleted, readded the camera, rebooted, reset, did everything and yet the issue persists.

Strange thing is, when I go to my web dashboard, the links to the left do not have a 'lock' icon however if i click on Cameras, all of the links on the left have a lock. Does this mean my account is not setup properly?

This is getting ridiculous, I've spent good $ on the whole system and would like to have this resolved otherwise a full refund. I am furious.



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3 years ago

@dimitri_3 first, it appears specific to your account. I have 3 simplicams and the doorbell camera and all work fine, do have the 24.99 total command plan. My guess is that your account registration is not correct on Simplisafe's back end.

I would suggest using the "piranha" technique that I follow with all companies whether online or brick and mortar. It has served me well over the years.

1. Call support tomorrow (note a weekend is usually not the most experienced staff but don't think you want to wait until Monday.
2. Ask answering support rep to read notes on the account, and that you are more than happy to hold.
3. Once they are up to speed, ask for a supervisor and the agent's employee number. Confirm they have your call back number. If they say one is not available, you can say you are more than happy to hold (I did this once with an online apparel company and was on hold for 45 minutes while I had lunch, did the dishes and started watching tv.  The agent finally came back and transferred me.
4. If the supervisor is useless (non technical) ask for a product technical specialist. Here you may have to give and give a date and time you will be available to troubleshoot.  

Even SS is pretty good once you get a commitment with a date and time for a call back.

Note I am going on the basis that you have already walked basic troubleshooting, like verifying your base serial number on your account, connectivity, making sure all of your cameras are on the same WIFI network, 2.4g only etc etc etc.

Good luck and if you get a chance post your outcome here.

Oh, and don't forget the 60 day no questions asked money back guaranty.  They do readily honor it.

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I think I have a solution for you. I've had the exact same problem, sent dozens of emails and spent hours on the phone with SS tech-support, supervisors and ultimately what they called "the back office" which I assume means an engineer of some sort.

SS does not support Self-Monitoring AND a Camera Only plan on the same Property--at least this is how it was explained to me. This seems ridiculous, but there is a work around.


1. Remove the camera from your system in the app.
2. Re-add the camera, but create a new property when you do. For example, if you have a SS system named "Home" create a second property called "Camera @ Home."
3. Add a new camera only subscription after installing on the new property.
4. Call SS and ask them to cancel your subscription on the "Home" property.
5. Explain what you've been through up to this point and ask for free monitoring to compensate for the services lost on the original subscription.

I hope this helps. It's a tiny bit annoying to have two properties but functionally it should work.

3 years ago

The above scenario and solution porternick posted also happened to me.  I was finally given that solution after 3 times of calling Customer Service.  Finally, this one did the trick... HOWEVER I will say that not too long ago I did have just 1 camera subscribed ($4.99) on the same home account and it worked fine all under 1 property.  When I changed to a multiple camera subscription ($9.99), that is when things stopped working, and now I have to separate the cameras to their own property.  Doesn't make sense at all, and it should be possible to get them all working under the same account, but it doesn't seem like it does and it causes a lot of pain because even their own support team doesn't seem to know this.
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