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Sunday, July 26th, 2020 10:35 PM

Can't get camera to set up

I recently purchased a new camera but I can't get it to work. Spent days troubleshooting why I was continually getting "unable to connect to WiFi," but finally learned it was because the signal strength was too weak. Bought a WiFi extender just so I could use the camera over my driveway. Now that I've tried to connect it, it initially changed from white-flashing (like it's supposed to) to solid white (like it's supposed to) to yellow-flashing (which is supposed to mean invalid wi-fi credentials) and then immediately changed to solid blue. It's been on solid blue for over 20 minutes now.

However, when I refresh my app, it does not recognize that there is a new camera. It just shows my doorbell cam.

It isn't timing out or giving me any other messages, like that it's unable to connect. And I can't try again because it's stuck on solid blue.

Been on hold trying to talk to customer service for too long but figured I'd ask if anyone else has solved this while I wait.

Update: got ahold of someone who had me reset for 15 seconds. This seemed to work. It went through a quick update and I was able to finally use it. I lowered the video quality as to not be a total suck on my internet, and now it's disconnected again. I'm trying to be patient.



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4 years ago

@marissa.meyer  make sure your wifi name isn't too long. Do you have other Simplicams on your network?  
Try this:

Take down the Simplicam and plug it in near your router, say about 10 feet.  Get your qr code on your phone and move it from about 1 inch from the lens and slowly move your phone away from the lens to about 12-15 inches out and then move slowly back toward the camera lens. Repeat if the QR code is not picked up. If so, great and if it connects suggest you leave it temporarily there over night.  If there is a firmware update, it will do it. Tomorrow morning (or whenever you can) put it back up in your outdoor location and let it power up. It should connect and stay connected.  I have 3 Simplicams and a SS doorbell on Google WIFI and they all work fine.

Please post your outcome here. Good luck.

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Is this for real? I need to change my WiFi name because your product won't work? I don't think so!

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I've never heard of anything as too long a wifi name.  We're talking about a device, not a kindergartner trying to learn to read.  One of my two cams decided to stop working last night and no matter what I do I cannot get it reconnected.



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On January 9th, 2021 sugakuga says:
I've never heard of anything as too long a wifi name. We're talking about a device, not a kindergartner trying to learn to read.

One would think so, but the Wi-Fi character length issue was (still is?) not merely a guess; it was a problem figured out by forum members/customers via trial and error. I believe there was also an issue with specific characters, but I cannot say with absolute certainty, short of searching past posts.

Hopefully, someone comes with an answer for you soon. We (forum members/customers) were on our own for a great time so, I am almost sure someone has a solution to your problem.

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4 years ago

Do I really have to do all of that? It's outside so taking it down and putting it back up would be a lot of work. I have a doorbell camera and while I've had issues, it's never been like this.

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4 years ago

new alarm setup. sensors all installed and working. Monitoring activated.
Now attempting to install a "Video doorbell pro".  The button on the mounted doorbell unit activates my inside bells (showing that the unit is receiving power.  Waited 3 hours for backup battery to install. Checked to make sure I had 2.4GB wifi paired with the unit. Password accepted and app says "connecting with ..." my wifi. camera never flashes a ring of any color. I started over 3 times and no change.  Finally pressed (and held for 10 seconds) the reset button on the back of the unit. Then backed up and tried again. No luck. I waited 15 minutes on three different calls to "new installs. Once to tech support. No one answers. I am thinking I have got one of those DOA doorbells.   I will try support again in the morning.  Oh ...well!?!!

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3 years ago

Trying to set up my camera has been the most frustrating exercise in futility. I got the camera when I got the security system for my entire house two years ago. Everything was easy to set up, except for the camera. It just NEVER worked. I must have tried 50+ times. I called, and they said it was my wifi (of course, it always is...), except that I have a super strong home WiFi system that works great for all my WiFi devices, including MyQ garage opener and 4 KUNA cameras around my house (I had to get the KUNA cameras because SimpliSafe just wouldn't work). In hindsight, I'll only be happy if I get a full refund. I do not recommend SF's cameras. They are horribly glitchy. Do not buy. If this is a deal breaker for you, don't go for SF. Even to this date, it's a mystery to me why setting up their cameras is so hard.

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3 years ago

Hi @JayK,

While some WiFi setting adjustments may be needed, it's most likely not an issue with the WiFi name as names up to 32 characters in length are acceptable. If you have an All-New SimpliSafe system, have you been able to get that to connect to your WiFi network? Regardless, we'll make sure that one of our Senior Specialists reaches out to you to see how we can help get your SimpliSafe camera up and running.

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I ordered a second SimpliSafe camera and set it up indoors until my outdoor kit arrived.   Two evenings ago I prepped where I wanted to install the camera outdoors.  I unplugged it from inside the house, put on the outdoor kit and in stalled it outdoors.  It will not connect no matter how many times I tried.  I brought it back indoors to no avail. However, it will NOT scan the code unless I first hold down the reset button for 10 seconds.  It will then scan the code, the light will turn solid yellow, and then I'm told the camera is ready to set up and to follow instructions of the app.  When I click to say "I heard the sound" the light goes back to flashing white and will remain flashing white for hours on end and even over night and my app will open up another scan code. It will go no further than that.  I will once again reset for 10 seconds, rescan the code the light turns solid yellow and then the light flashes white all over again and nothing more happens.  It's like it is stuck in a circle of being asked to rescan the code . . . . . . again and again and again and again.
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