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Friday, February 4th, 2022 3:22 PM

Cancelling your plan breaks cameras

If you cancel from a paid plan to self monitoring, there's a bug that basically causes your cameras to behave as if they still had a plan i.e it tries to control the shutters automatically and this causes problems with shutters randonly opening and triggering motion notifications (very annoying). You can tell they're broken because each camera in the app doesn't show the 'Privacy' slider to manually control the shutter. You can also go into the camera settings and change them and you get shown the screen you would as if you had a plan. Spoke with support a while back about this and we found that adding camera to a new location fixed this. Problem is, I now have all my devices on the original location except my cameras which are now on a new location. There's no way to easily move everything across either. Please fix this bug so I can put my camera back on the original location.


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