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Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 1:01 PM

Can it get any more frustrating????

Not only have I spent hours on the phone with support trying to get my 9 cameras online this past year,  even this post had to be written twice because my first attempt ended with "Opps, sorry there was an error" when clicking submit.      I spent a LOT of money last January buying this system and have probably gotten 1/9999999th of the camera time between then and now.     My camera are the indoor type with the outdoor shell that they used to send before the outdoor cameras came out.  I don't think they were meant for the Iowa weather.     I'd love to send you back every single one of these things in exchange for the outdoor ones.   These just aren't working.   The cameras are the most important part of the security system.    Mine don't work.  I have no security.

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2 years ago

Hi jay548,

So sorry about all the frustration you've been going through. I spotted another post you created, and I'll be responding there in detail.

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