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Monday, May 9th, 2022 7:02 PM

Cameras unable to record

I have a Simplisafe security system with 2 cameras and several motion and door sensors.

I pay for 'Pro' monitoring (£12.99 a month, UK).

According to the details in the app this should include 24/7 alarm monitoring, Smartphone Controls, Record & Store Camera events, 30 days of storage, video verification, police dispatch, and medical alerts.

When I access my cameras thought the app, I can see the live view, but if I hit the record button, I get the following message: 'Unlock recorded footage, with a video storage plan, your camera will record every time it senses movement. Download and share footage anytime'.

There's a 'Learn more' button underneath this message. When I hit it, it takes me to a page to add a subscription plan.

But I already have the 'pro' plan which should include everything I listed above.

How do I enable my cameras to record? Any help much appreciated.

2 years ago

Update: Basically, the plan I'm paying for gives you pretty much no functionality further than if you didn't pay for a plan at all. So I think I'll be cancelling and self-monitoring from now. Especially as the cost is about to go up by £3 a month. So basically if I stayed with my plan it will be costing me approx £200 a year, for very basic functionality. I have a ring doorbell, the plan costs £25 a year (soon going up to £30 something), and for that you are able to record and save live view, or go back and save any motion events the camera has seen. Why does the simplisafe system charge so much more for this very basic funtionality?

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@david3001anderson​ thanks for your comment and feedback, we do take everything onboard.

SimpliSafe is designed to be a professionally monitored home security system, so we do recommend signing up for a plan. Our Pro Premium plan includes police + fire service response upon a visually verified incident, unlimited guard dispatch, full app integration, unlimited camera recording for up to cameras and more. The Pro plan which you're on has 24/7 alarm monitoring where the alarm receiving centre would call you in the event of an incident, or your key holders if they can't reach you. You can find the full details about both plans here: https://simplisafe.co.uk/professional-alarm-monitoring

If it is the camera footage you're after, we do also have the camera recording plan which is £4.99 per month and you can have up to 10 cameras on this plan.

With your comment on the price increase, this is the first time that we have raised our subscription prices for existing customers. Doing so will allow us to continue investing in new products, features, and functionality to improve your experience and home security.

Hope this helps but if you would like to make any changes to your plan, please give the team a call on: 0800 920 2420.



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